Your Focus Determines 

Your Reality

The worlds greatest athletes have coaches.  Jordan, Phelps, Brady, Woods.  Are you looking to build confidence grow yourself and your bottom line in the process? Do you need help with scaling, growth hacking or fundraising and introductions? What about innovating and building to the future to 10X  your business?

Plan for success

Set Goals be held

Work with your coach to set goals, decide on a timeline, stay accountable to your tasks, and give a sense of urgency to building your product.

Do you have a clear plan for success and achieving those goals?

One on one
With a Forbes top 25 Angel investor

Nothing like a personalized mentoring Get on a video call with your coach to get feedback in real-time, making your action plan more effective

All plans come with 24/7 messaging with your dedicated coach, meaning you never have to feel bad about asking a question or fielding an idea.

Why, this why now ?
1.Questions are more powerful than answers. 
2. The best advisers and coaches ask the right questions so you can arrive at the right answers for your company.
3. Clarity comes from perspective
4. Experience is the best teacher
5.  Accountability drives results
6. Great leaders embrace vulnerability
You’ll receive deep coaching sessions every two weeks to work through the issues most important to you. You’ll also receive feedback and tailored training on the areas that you want to develop.


✓ Served as mentor at top Silicon Valley accelerators

✓ Named top 50 Angel Investor by Forbes.